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Greetings are generally informed by the leading companies and upcoming companies through only postcards the reason is the person is viewing the post card, when it reaches to his hand. That is the reason in a company, so many greeting cards are sent, and it would be from normal clerk to higher level executives. Once they see to the greetings from a company, they are pleased to see the other details of the sender. The receiver of the greeting postal card is immediately picking his phone and calling the sender and thanking him for sending the greetings card. By this way the business relationship is growing every day for the business companies. Business relationship is very important only then the money rotation could be found with a company. Only for this reasons all the famous companies are printing the postcards and general covers and letterheads with appealing color combinations. Of course all the companies are considering the fifty fiveprint services for their need, the reason is this printing service offers also discounts for all the customers. Generally in screen printing discount is not possible to offer to anybody. The reason is the ink used in the screen printing is quite costly when compared to the other inks. At the same time, the quality of the ink is remarkable the ink would not fad down and it remains in the same color for many years. Once any letterhead or postcard with this superior ink, that would be ever new to the vision for all. The sender is easily remembered by the receiver. The receiver is dealing the business deals all with the same company. Quality printing is required for all the companies, all the companies are not compromising in the quality and that is the reason the printing service is searched and ordered for the printing jobs.


In many cases, the companies are not with any idea in printing the postcard, for this purpose, the printing companies are providing templates to consider; at last the company purchase department is selecting only available templates with the printing card service like fifty fiveprint. The printing service is also designing the postal greeting cards with the many designs. For the industrial use, the images of the industries are placed. For the hospital use the medical equipments are placed on the greeting card. The restaurant image would be appealing to order immediately to print the cards and take the orders quickly.

Link building, an essential strategy for an internet marketing campaign, can be one of the most tricky tasks. Why will a webmaster link to you? Do you submit your site to 800 directories? Do you buy links to climb the search engine rankings? Do you buy links/banner advertising for traffic?

There are 3 different types of links

1) Organic – sites that link to you due to your high-quality content (here is the great article about writing high-quality content).
2) Manual – searching for sites that will list yours for free, including directories.
3) Link Advertising – buying links on sites or in Directories to help with a) targeted traffic and b) search engine rankings.

Today I want to discuss what you need to look out for when buying a text link (link advertising). Google respects your site more when sites in your niche link to you, but why would they want to do that? They would prefer a reciprocal link exchange – you place a link on your site and they’ll return the favour.  Although reciprocal links are great for traffic, they are not as powerful as one-way links to climb the search engine rankings at Google.

It’s a tricky situation. However, there is a solution: buy link advertising on sites within your niche.

Here are 4 excellent tips on what to look for when buying links

1) Age of Domain – How long has the site been online? Google respects sites that are older, and are updated on a regular basis, compared to a month old site.
2) Is the site indexed in Google?  Type the domain in Google’s search box to see if the site is listed. If not listed, forget the link advertising opportunity.
3) When did Google last crawl the site? Visit the cache page on the site listing in Google’s search results. If Google hasn’t crawled the site is a few weeks, Google thinks the site is not worth re-visiting due to lack of updates. A site that Google visits regularly is a site that’s worth advertising on.
4) How many backlinks does the site have? This is the most important aspect: The more backlinks the site has, the more trust Google will give. Type link: –

into Yahoo to find the number of backlinks. This command will remove any links that are within the domain using the site:

Did you notice one variable I do not take into account when measuring the quality of a link? Page Rank.

Good luck!